Apple Ambush Package

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Package includes:

  • 3 Anna Apple
  • 3 Arkansas Black Apple
  • 3 Fuji Apple
  • 3 Dorsett Gold Apple
  • 3 Gala Apple
  • 3 Wild Crabapple

The draw power of a ripe apple tree plot for whitetails is undeniable. Our ‘Apple Ambush’ package was formulated based on diversity, cross pollination and a longer drop period. This apple tree package will have fruit dropping from late August all the way in to early December. With Anna’s dropping first and Arkansas Black dropping last and all other varieties in between. Set up your tree plot on 15-20’ spacing between each tree. Make sure your planting location receives plenty of sunlight. Hardiness zone for this package is 5-8. Each variety in this package typically matures to about 10-20' in height and can tolerate pH ranging from 5.5 to 7.5.

Available to ship in quantities of 18.

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