Strawberry Bush

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The Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americanus) is a native perennial shrub that grows to about 2 to 6-feet high. The leaves are egg-shaped and usually pointed at the base and tip. Flowers are yellowish green or greenish purple and appear at the end of long stalks. The fruit is like a rounded capsule with a warty surface, and can produce two or three harvests each year. This bush is considered an “ice-cream plant” for deer. Cottontail rabbits, wild turkey and eastern bluebirds are among the wildlife that devours the strawberry bush’s red berries. The bush grows best in woodlands, sandy thickets, swamplands and streamsides. USDA preferred zones are 6 through 10.

Trees can be ordered as 1 Gallon in quantities of 9 or 18 with free shipping.

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